Zanussi Built In Single Electric Oven

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Experienced chefs and novice cooks would both recommend the Zanussi ZZB30401XK: a gorgeous electric fan oven which looks great in any kitchen. You won’t find this model anywhere else, as it’s exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores.
Performance and Cooking Features
The ZZB30401XK offers 56 litres of usable space. The true fan cooking function circulates air evenly and keeps a steady temperature throughout – this enables faster cooking times and is great for busy people who are always in a rush at meal times.
The fan also delivers controlled defrosting, which lets you thaw food before cooking it.
An integrated variable grill offers a quick, easy way to grill and brown food – essential for the weekend’s cooked breakfast or lighter options like vegetables and chicken breasts. 
In terms of accessories, this oven comes with a grill pan, trivet and two wire shelves.
Easy Cleaning
The door’s interior is made from glass and, like the two adjustable shelves, is removable to make cleaning easier. As the door is double glazed, it helps to keep the heat inside and prevent losing any to the outside.
Zanussi has also designed the oven’s smooth, enamel-lined interior with easy cleaning in mind. Even the control panel is made with anti-fingerprint stainless steel to give the oven that overall pristine feel.
You’ll see that the ZZB30401XK is an eye-catching oven – it is primarily black with areas of stainless steel, and as a built-in model, will fit well into your kitchen’s existing design. There’s even a large glass panel in the front door and a light inside the oven, so you can view your food as it cooks.
If you’re looking for an elegant cooker with fantastic performance, you’ll struggle to find something better than the ZZB30401XK from Zanussi. It’s even been rated an ‘A’ for energy efficiency – order yours today.


Product Description ZZB30401XK Built-in Single Fan Oven
Oven Type Single
Built-in or Freestanding Built-in
Fuel Type Electric
Gross Oven Capacity 60L
Colour/Finish Stainless Steel with Anti Fingerprint
Standard Warranty 1 Year
Enery Rating A
Energy Consumption per cycle 0.78 kWh
Load Capacity 230V
Additional Features
  • A faster, more convenient way to grill and brown: The grill makes grilling and browning quick and easy. It's the best way to brown your breakfast toast, grill kebabs and vegetables, and crisp up toppings. 
  • Easier oven clean-up: This oven's very smooth enamel interior makes it easier for you to wipe grease and grime away.
  • The clever assistant that takes the guesswork out of mealtime: The defrost function on this oven takes the guesswork out of preparing frozen foods for cooking. It quickly and properly defrosts them at one turn of the knob.
  • Keep your oven smudge and fingerprint free: The anti-fingerprint coating on this oven keeps off unsightly smudges, maintaining your kitchen's pristine look without the tiresome clean-up time.  
  • Defrost 
  • Grilling 
  • True Fan Cooking
Mechanical Timer, LED/LCD Display No
Net Oven Capacity 56L
Oven Type Single
Light Yes
Oven Accessories 1 x Dripping Pan Black Enamel
1 x Trivet Chromed
2 x Wire Shelves Chromed 
Oven Lining Type High Gloss Enamel Oven Lining
Number of Shelves 2
Door Type Double Glazed Glass
Oven with Integral Grill Yes
Variable Grill Yes
Grill Accessories As above
Storage Compartment No
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 59.3 x 56 x 55cm
Product Weight 27.3kg
Bar code (EAN No.) 7332543553587