Bringing Soft Water into your Home!

Water affects every area of our lives but it’s something that’s often over looked – from drinking and cooking to household cleaning, washing clothes and bathing, everyone deserves great quality water in their home.

That’s why Baileys Domestic Appliances, under the banner of Go Soft water Systems, has partnered with the world’s leading water treatment manufacturer, Kinetico, to provide great water to people in Salisbury and the surrounding area.

Nigel & Robyn McNally, owners of Bailey and Go Soft Water Systems, have this to say about this new direction for Baileys:

“The water in our area is hard and we often have customers looking for replacement appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers because of damage and breakdown caused by limescale. Teaming up with the leading water softener manufacturer, Kinetico, was an obvious move for us to extend our appliance offering and to provide our customers with added value products. With a Kinetico water softener they can say goodbye to the dreaded limescale and have beautiful soft water running through their homes."

We all recognise unsightly limescale build up in our kettle, green scale on our taps and clogged up shower heads but that’s just the damage you can see. But what about the damage you can’t see? Some may not have considered the damage limescale could be doing to your water-using appliances and boiler. An average family of 4 will actually generate around 70kg of scale, and that’s in just 1 year!! Over 13 million households in the UK suffer with the damaging effects of hard water and Salisbury is no different.

Having soft water running through your home will affect more of your life than arguably any other household product. Think for a minute, every time a tap is turned on or whenever water is used anywhere in the home how wonderful it would be to have luxurious softened water. And with that comes sparkling shiny taps, free-flowing showers, cloud-free sinks and a crystal-clear tea without the unsightly scum.

As an Authorised Kinetico Dealer, Go Soft will also be supplying quality drinking water systems. You never know what’s lurking in your water – traces of lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and chlorine. If you could remove all impurities and provide the very best drinking water for your family, quite simply, why wouldn’t you?

If you’d like to find out more about how Go Soft can improve the water in your home, you are welcome to come and join us at our showroom in the Baileys shop on 48 Fisherton Street, where you’ll receive an interactive demonstration on the amazing benefits of soft water. You can also try Kinetico pure filtered water and see if you can tell the difference! Alternatively call us on 01722-323457 to arrange a free quotation and demonstration in your home. Come and discover a world of amazing water!!

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