Plumbing & Heating Division

Welcome to our Plumbing and Heating Division. The purpose of us starting a plumbing and heating division, has been based off the constant calls of frustration from customers looking for a plumber or heating engineer. The waiting time often seems to stretch from four to six weeks.

As a business we supply gas cookers/ ovens as well as water softeners and filters to our customers. Our frustration at having to wait long periods of time for installations really wore us down.

We have brought on the services of a highly experienced plumber and gas engineer who has served Salisbury for many years. Apart from being good at what he does he has a cheerful disposition and goes out of his way to assist in any way he can.

So, whether it is a washer or a gas boiler that needs replacing, give us a call and we will endeavour to get your problem sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Call us or send us a contact message and we will get hold of you.

Reg#: 631055